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The advances of laminate flooring technology has greatly improved over the past few years and its cost effectiveness makes it a top choice amongst homeowners. Laminate flooring has a core comprised of High Density Fiber (HDF). The superficial layer of laminate flooring emulates hardwood, stone or tile.


A key benefit of laminate flooring is the floating installation method. The floating installation method is when the individual planks are locked together but never attached to the subfloor underneath. Laminate hardwood floors have a special tongue and groove locking system that tightly joins the planks or tiles together. This installation system requires no glue, nails or staples and leaves the old floor intact (resulting in a considerable cost savings since removal of your old floor is not necessary).

There are numerous advantages to laminate tile flooring. Laminate tile floors can give you a very authentic ceramic or stone tile appearance without the hassle of having to clean soiled grout joints. Also, because of the floating installation method, laminate tile flooring can be installed at a substantially cost effective and in a shorter amount of time than ceramic or stone tile.