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Although interior paints are available for every possible surface, there is no such thing as an all-surface paint. Modern paint technology has taken a lot of the risk out of choosing the proper paint. Latex paints have been improved to withstand dirt, moisture, and daily wear and tear. Also, latex paint is as washable and durable as the “old oil-based paints”. The old notion that latex paints are for walls and oil-based enamels are for woodwork, windows, and doors no longer applies.

An important factor in interior paint selection (other than personal color preference)is gloss. Regardless of the type of coating you choose, the gloss of the one you buy will affect both its appearance and its durability. High-gloss paints are the most durable because they contain more resin than either semi-gloss or flat paints. Resin is an ingredient that hardens as the paint dries. The more resin, the harder the surface.

High-gloss paints are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, doors, windows, and trim. Semi-gloss interior paints, with less resin and a reduced surface shine, are slightly less wear-resistant but still suitable for most woodwork. Flat paints are the coatings of choice for most interior walls and ceilings because they provide an attractive, low-glare finish for surfaces that take little abuse and require only infrequent washings.

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