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Posted on 06/04/2015

Job site: Anahita Construction, 1569 Westwood Blvd, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Contact: Alireza Haghighat

Design Engineer/Commercial-Residential- Industrial

Requires: Masters Degree in Design Engineering or Masters Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and 1-year experience in product design or related.

The design engineer will provide product designs for multimillion dollar residential, commercial, industrial, and remodeling projects.   This includes but not limited to designing technical innovating & one of a kind products that are stylish & of high quality as well as safe functional, e.g. multifunctional space-saving furniture, built-in media centers/rooms, designing furniture with functionality& flare, accessories & much more.  Work in co-ordination with construction project manager, contractor(s), technical engineers, as part of the construction project team.

The design engineer will utilize knowledge of engineering and design principles as well as using imagination, creativity, functionally; Utilize 3D design principles to increase the efficiency design; modify and refine design per clients’ specifications, model concepts and other computer aided design software, tools; Have strong problem solving skills, capable coming up with generating creative approaches for new creative and functional ideas.  Meet with customers and discuss their specifications and preferences with them.  Provide illustrations based on design specification;  Modify & refine design and upon request, provide customers with working models;  Upon approval by customer, create design specifications, select materials, parts and cost involved. Utilize knowledge of engineering knowledge of professional skill level in the use of CAD software, computer aided design software.