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Breathe Easy Knowing Green Products are in Your Environment

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Anahita Ultimate Remodeling Co is a one stop shop for Flooring, Wall Covering & Kitchen and Bathroom needs. We offer a vast selection of flooring & painting solutions and only use the highest-quality materials available. Our sales specialists have been trained to identify your specific needs in order to acquire the optimum design for your project. Please click on any of the following tabs to receive a virtual experience with all of our flooring & painting solutions.

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We have been providing exquisite and functional commerial construction and interior design since 2010. We have over a decade of experience in all aspects of construction. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ environments by providing the finest design, equipments, and energy saving experience.
We are committed to offering the best products, the finest craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. We employ a variety of professionals dedicated to making your project a pleasant experience.
Our staff includes interior designers, engineers, architects, project coordinators, installation and remodeling teams and general contractors. We have an excellent administrative team that works behind the scenes to make your project run smoothly.

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